O firmie

Sprzedażą środków ochrony indywidualnej zajmujemy się od kilkunastu lat. W tym czasie firma i jej pracownicy zdobyli duże doświadczenie, powodujące umiejętność bardzo dobrej obsługi klienta. Współpraca z renomowanymi firmami spedycyjnymi pozwala na dostawę towaru w dowolne miejsce w Polsce najpóźniej w ciągu 48 godzin.


Our management team has many years combined experience in both purchasing and sales, having worked extensively within Personal Protective Equipment distribution.
Established in 1989, we have already gained a fabulous reputation for honesty and integrity, which in turn has helped us become one of the top independent supplier in Europe.
Our professional approach and proven capabilities have developed excellent relationships with our customers and suppliers worldwide.
Our expert knowledge can greatly benefit you in advancing your market share. We offer same day shipping throughout the whole of Poland and beyond.
Although our customer base is widespread, we believe in providing a People-to-People service. We value and understand each of our unique relationships and constantly try to improve upon them. This mutual respect & understanding means we do so much more than just move products from A to B. We would like to establish this relationship with your business too.